Starting With the Impossible: Why and How to start Warmachine with Convergence of Cyriss

Warmachine and Hordes for Beginners

-By: Dave (Kahos_Angel)

devilspaynewYou’ve heard their name spoken in whispers, like the boogyman of Warmachine, Convergence, the faction to stay away from if you’re a starting player. You’ve heard the reasons why you should stay away: they’re harder than normal to learn, too many rules, it’s a limited release faction that PP won’t support. Well, I’m going to tell you, those are all really valid reasons. They do have more rules and they are a limited release faction. My question is, why let that stop you?  I want to try and dispel some of the myth and mis-information around what really is a solid faction.

aurora1I started playing this faction as my first venture into the Warmachine universe, mainly because of the things I heard about them and of course their look. Father Lucant is the first model from them I saw. I had no previous Warmachine experience at all…

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Warmachine and Hordes for Beginners

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