The Meta Boogeyman – “The Ghost Fleet”

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There’s been a lot of chit-chat in various places on Ghost Fleet recently.  Between Tom Guan tearing up a bunch of Steamrollers, Tim Banky smashing the South Ontario Open and MuseOn Con, as well as strong finishes in European tournaments, it’s the latest boogeyman everyone’s talking about.

The quality of theorymachine and suggestions on offer vary hugely.  Some of the suggestions are, to be frank, unrealistic.  Honestly, out of all the lists I’ve played with and against in Mk3, Ghost Fleet has the biggest gap between expectation and reality.  I guarantee, if you haven’t played against it yet, the game will more than likely not play out the way you expect.  If you get the chance, get someone to play it for you, you’ll have a better understanding of how the game will actually play out and can approach your theorymachine with a more realistic perspective.

If you want some…

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One response to “The Meta Boogeyman – “The Ghost Fleet”

  • pinoywargamer

    I personally have not seen this locally. I only have vague notions on how it works – heavy recursion, strong control game, etc. So the ideal match up with my Khador is to use Sorscha2 and have her cast Shatterstorm on Widowmakers or Winter Guard Rifle Corps, and have them deal remove from play effects on the Revenants. Other than that, I have no idea how Ghost Fleet plays.


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