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From our friends at PartyFoul…Playing Painted

Party Foul WMH

Recently Malorian made a new years resolution to Play Painted. I personally have been playing painted for years now, but his decision to commit to playing painted inspired me to write this article about the subject.

Warmachine is a game that is strong enough in it’s design and compelling enough in its interactions that it draws in players from competitive meta’s that don’t necessarily have a basis in the painting and hobby aspect of the game. Likewise some people who play the game find themselves with little time to paint with the general pressures of life, and it can be difficult for them to find the motivation to paint their models.

I certainly don’t have any magic solutions to find people the time or motivation to paint their models, but I’m going to try! The benefits and sense of personal accomplishment are well worth the effort!

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Jaga-Jaga, the Death Charmer


I am not a Minion player…but when I saw Jaga-Jaga I got very interested.  She has some very good control spells at her command.  Ghost Walk and Escort are the kind I am used to and very much enjoy.  Deadweight is a super charged Death Chill that will hurt the infantry spam player by making the unit 2″ close to the dead model forfeit action or move, Spellpiercer will deal with the Cygnar DEF and/or ARM boosts (Gatorman Posse) and Gravewind can protect your key model.  Her feat is back breaking is you ask me…I kill your model and now it works for me for a turn and cannot be targeted by free strikes and has Dark Shroud….WTF!!!  All pretty good stuff.  But now to her Army.  In her Battlegroup I have put a Swamp Horror.  With multiple initial attacks, Impervious Flesh (one less die on RNG damage), Amphibious, Steady, Pull and Crit Catastrophic Damage on the Beak (on a crit vs Warjack or Warbeast fill in all boxes/circles in the last damaged branch) it is pretty good.  The Animus is where its at also…Elasticity: 2 Fury to give target friendly model reach.  This gets real good in a moment.  Gatoraman Witch Doctor that  will be keeping his eye on 2 Max Units of Gatorman Posse.  Here is your target for Elasticity. One unit of the Gator Bokor & Bog Trog Swamp Shamblers will help fill out the ranks as they grow through out the game while collecting souls.  All the while making things stationary in its wake.  I also have Victor Pendrake in here for the mirror Hordes match.  The Posse will be so happy with him around.  Now for the best part…2 Sacral Vaults.  These add so much to any army it will work for it’s ridiculous.  Soul Sacrifice for Jaga will be good.  So 2 time will be even better.  Especially when they make their own souls…WTF again!!!  ANd that gun with d3 shots that once again take control of the dead and use them against your opponent.  I could almost go on and on just about this piece that that is for another article.

Like I said, I am not a Minions player but I think anyone will agree that Jaga-Jaga has made them a little bit better.  They still need some support but I think this is the right direction.


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