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Advanced Maneuvers-Turn Extension

Forgot to Feat Episode 32

Dark Omen Gaming Club

Episode 32 of Forgot to Feat is up (Click me!) Presented to you by The Dark Omen Gaming Club and Hand Cannon Online. This week we talk to Nathan Chomsky-Higgins. Todays topic include Cryx…or Khador!.

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Tactics from Experience



The Scrum is a Trollbloods podcast that was recently picked up by the gaming site Handcannononline.  Their most recent podcast gets into some upper level tournament thinking.  Check out the cast as well as the rest of the HCO website for additional info on Warmachine/Hordes goodness.

Lead, Dice and Beers

A blog about wargaming and beer.

Tangible Day

A Lifestyle Blog for Tabletop Gamers and Hobbyists

Warmachine and Hordes for Beginners

Your Beginning Resource for Warmachine and Hordes

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