Podcast 148 – Ontario Team Championships 2017

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Ah, the annual OTC. A great time for WarMachine, and a wonderful opportunity to record a metric crap-tonne of battle reports! This episode Nick and I talk about our battles, and we’re planning on getting the rest of the team in a later episode!


For our American listeners, conversion from metric crap-tonnes to Imperial crap-tonnes is approximately 1.47.

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Piece Trading – Tactica

Epic Flail Media Productions

chessNew Kids on the Blog: How to generate good trades

Author: Mike East

Welcome to the first in a series of Epic Flail articles aimed at teaching the new player how to improve their game. There are a number of key concepts that are useful to understand when positioning your models on the table and bringing their arms to bear on the enemy.  This article will go over the basics of a term commonly known as “Piece Trading”, and if you can get to grips with it, you will find that your game will improve greatly.

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Starting With the Impossible: Why and How to start Warmachine with Convergence of Cyriss

Warmachine and Hordes for Beginners

-By: Dave (Kahos_Angel)

devilspaynewYou’ve heard their name spoken in whispers, like the boogyman of Warmachine, Convergence, the faction to stay away from if you’re a starting player. You’ve heard the reasons why you should stay away: they’re harder than normal to learn, too many rules, it’s a limited release faction that PP won’t support. Well, I’m going to tell you, those are all really valid reasons. They do have more rules and they are a limited release faction. My question is, why let that stop you?  I want to try and dispel some of the myth and mis-information around what really is a solid faction.

aurora1I started playing this faction as my first venture into the Warmachine universe, mainly because of the things I heard about them and of course their look. Father Lucant is the first model from them I saw. I had no previous Warmachine experience at all…

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Learning from a Loss

Warmachine and Hordes for Beginners

-By: Elliott (PG_E2lio2tR)

So, you just played a game. And you lost. From here you have a few options on what to do. The first is to be upset and blame everything, throw models and storm off ( Yes, I have seen this happen). The next is to just be down and pack your stuff up for the day. There is a better option though. You could look at the game objectively, figure out what happened and how to improve. That is what we will be talking about today. What are the questions you should ask after a game? How should you handle it? There are many things we will look at so let’s get started.  

The first thing you have to do is figure out how you react to losing. Some people take it a bit hard and will be down on themselves. They always seem to think…

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Rules Clarification: Disable, Boxed, Destroyed

Warmachine and Hordes for Beginners

-By: Elliott (PG_E2lio2tR)

Alright! You did enough damage to remove that annoying model from the game that has been holding you up from scoring the zone…. But they have a tough roll…. When does that happen? Well, that is what we will be talking about today. When a model is damaged enough to be removed from the table, there is a order of steps that actually happen to a model before hand. These are Disable, Boxed and then Destroyed.

Simple, easy to remember and straightforward. BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!

14e0c61c5ab4f2520790e04c55424cd1When do these different steps actually happen? Since there are effects that happen at during these different steps, it is important to know the order to do them.

When all of the damage boxes on a model are filled, or if the model is damaged at all when it does not have a damage box, the model becomes classified as Disabled…

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